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Most Popular Tours

20 days

Dzongsar-Manigango Trek

So far it is very remote and unexplored that very few people know this route and did the trekking but it is gradually increasing year by year under the recommendations of those who did this trekking. Through this trekking besides seeing many magnificent snowy mountains, beautiful natural blue lakes, alpines, forests and animals you will experience authentic life of Tibetan nomads.

5 days 4-6 From 600$/ person

Trekking around Dzongsar

During this five-day trekking route, you will visit Dzongsar monastery, holy mountain Chungtak, well-known meditation site Karmo Taktsang, nomadic camping site Thuruma, sacred lake Siling Yongtso, Dorphu Valley and Gagu retreat center.

15 days

Overland cultural tour in Kham

You will visit Serta Labrang Gar (World’s largest Buddhist school),where you can see the power of faith and lifestyle of thousands of Buddhist monks and nuns. You will visit Dege culture center of Kham and oldest printing house.

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