Adha Tsering

Adha Tsering was born in a remote Tibetan village in Dege, Eastern Tibet. He is a co-owner of Kham Utpala Education & Ecotourism Development Co., Ltd., which he founded in 2012. He is also the manager of Menshod Guesthouse, which provides comfortable accommodation for travelers in Dzongsar. In (year), he participated in the Tibet Ecotourism Marketing Project at Columbia University in New York, USA. He has worked as a senior tour guide in the Shangri-La region and has more than ten years’ work experience in the tourism industry.

Throughout his career, Adha Tsering has learned that Tibetan culture and the nature of the Tibetan Plateau are the true sources of (life?) for the Tibetan people. He is fluent in Tibetan, English, and Mandarin and has basic knowledge of French. He has experience in guiding international tourists across the three regions of Tibet and has a passion for providing quality, eco-friendly tourism services in his homeland of Tibet.

Kunchonk Dhondup

Kunchok Dhondup was born and grew up in a nomadic family in Dege, Eastern Tibet. He is a co-owner of Kham Utpala and works as an operations manager and tour leader. He previously studied in India, continuing his schooling in Kangding, Sichuan for three years upon his return. He then pursued a two-year Master’s program at the Southwest Nationalities University in Chengdu. He is fluent in Tibetan, English, and Mandarin and has basic knowledge of French. His excellent linguistic skills and profound knowledge about Tibetan culture are great assets in designing trekking routes and guiding tourists throughout the region. An outgoing person with a warm heart, he is a trustworthy tour leader and a great companion on the road.

Kunchok has gained rich experiences in operating wildlife, culture, trekking, photography, and nature education tours in Tibet. He has also been a long-term volunteer with the LabdraKhampa NGO, which is dedicated to supporting the education of Tibetan students from impoverished families. He believes that giving brings about great happiness.

Nyima Tsering






Nyima Tsering was born to a nomadic family in Dege; he is a real Khampa man! Though he was unable to receive a formal education as a child, he became familiar with hiking the mountains while herding his family’s animals. He has been working has a horseman professionally since 2006, and he knows the trekking routes better than anyone.

Nyima Tsering is in charge of the horses and horsemen on our treks. He believes that offering quality service to our clients is a good way to earn merit in Buddhism. Though he doesn’t speak English, he communicates through his actions; he is very friendly and loves to interact with the clients!

Pema Choetso

Pema Choetso was born in Dege, Kham and has worked as a chef for Kham Utpala since 2014. She completed a two-month cooking training course in Chengdu, sponsored by Kham Utpala, and a six-month internship at AR’E Tibetan Restaurant in Chengdu before joining Kham Utpala. She also runs the guesthouse. Though shy, Pema Choetso is very dedicated to her work. Our clients love her cooking, especially her Tibetan noodles!







Marie is from Lyon, France. She has been traveling the world as a backpacker for more than 35 years.
She first traveled to Kham in 2006 and explored the Dzongsar area extensively, sometimes visiting more than twice a year. She has stayed there during cold winters and incredibly beautiful summers, meeting local people and trying to learn about their culture.

It would be our pleasure to help organize a trip for you, so that you may also experience this wonderful place!

Ali Battat





Ali is from Boston, Massachusetts in the U.S. After graduating from the University of Southern California with degrees in International Relations and Chinese in 2013, she lived in Lhasa for two years studying Tibetan language at Tibet University. She speaks English, Mandarin Chinese, and Lhasa dialect Tibetan, and she is currently striving to improve her Dege Kham dialect!

After working for a year as an education consultant in Beijing, Ali decided to travel to Kham, where she fell in love with the mountains and the people, and she knew she had to come back to stay. She enjoys hiking, swimming, traveling, and writing Tibetan poetry.