It is the first and the best guesthouse especially for travelers and backpackers in this area. It is a place where the genuine care and comforts of our guests is the highest mission. We pledge to provide the finest personal services and facilities for our guests who will always enjoy a warm, relaxed, yet refined ambience.

Every part of guesthouse is handmade and designed in local style of building architect using woods and colorful hand paintings. Menshod guesthouse is mainly built to improve the life of the locals and we give training the local people in terms of hospitality and our main goal was for providing a comfortable stay for the travelers in this region.

Besides we also provide wide range of traveller services include local sightseeing tour, trekking, nomad camping,horse riding and so on.

How to find us?

From Peyul county
* Two hours drive to Dzongsar monastery
* When you arrive in Dzongsar Buddhist College, cross the bridge of going to Hoda village or the Dama primary school.
* When you cross the bridge you will see the gate of our guesthouse.

From Dege county
* Every morning there are minivans going to dzongsar
* Two and half hours Dzongsar and get off at Dzongsar Buddhist College
* Cross the bridge of Hoda village
* You will see the gate of our guesthouse just after crossing the bridge

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