You will explore the very uniqueness and richness of Kham Tibet’s cultures, customes, landscapes, architectures, mountains and Buddhism. This tour includes most cultural rich places in whole Kham Tibet and of course it includes exploring the local lifestyle of Khampas.

You will visit Serta Labrang Gar (World’s largest Buddhist school),where you can see the power of faith and lifestyle of thousands of Buddhist monks and nuns. You will visit Dege culture center of Kham and oldest printing house.


Day 1

Activities: Chengdu (500m above sea level) 

KhamUtpala guide will pick you at the airport and  take you to your hotel. Have dinner in one of the best Tibetan restaurant in Chengdu and our guide will briefly introduce the upcoming trip.

Overnight: Hostel, Chengdu

Day 2

Activities: Chengdu to Dartsedo (2600m)

Distance: 380km

Drive time: 6-7hrs

Today is the starting of the trip and you will be on  the car for around seven hours. You will arrive in Kangding in the afternoon and you can explore the town and can see the circle dance in the evening.

Overnight: Hotel, Dartsedo

Day 3

Activities: Dartsedo to Bamei (3450m) 

Distance: 150km

Drive time: 3-4hrs

You will drive to Ragnaka (Xinduqiao in Chinese), which is said to be photographic place by passing the first pass of Tsedo mountain. You will put the beautiful scenery in your camera lens and then drive to Lhagang. At Lhagang you will visit Lhagang monastery and the nunnery and also see the beauty of wide grassland.

Overnight: Guesthouse, Bamei

Day 4

Activities: Bamei to Serda (4000m)

Distance: 283 km

Drive time: 5-6 hrs

You will see the different architecture of houses, culture and customs and of course people all along the way. You will arrive at serda, the biggest Buddhist school in all over the world. The Serda Gar is mesmerizing and full of thousands of small huts with monks and nuns.

Overnight: Hotel, Serta

Day 5

Activities: Serta (4000m)

Explore Serta Gar in the morning, you will hear the harmonious chantings and see the power of religion from the life of the monks and nuns. You can visit the real sky burial place in the afternoon and could see how the vultures eat the dead bodies.

Overnight: Hotel, Serta

Day 6

Activities: Serta to Ganzi (3400m)

Distance: 230 km

Drive time: 5-6 hours

You will depart from Serda and drive to Ganzi, today will see many beautiful alpine meadows and also some beautiful snowy mountain ranges. Ganzi is situated on a very flat ground and many of Tibetan businessmen are here to do business. You can explore the town in the afternoon.

Overnight: Guesthouse, Ganzi

Day 7

Activities: Ganzi to Dege (3200m)

Distance: 204 km

Drive time: 4-5 hours

You will pass the land of cowboys, Manigango and then visit the amazing Yulhung lhatso, one of the most beautiful sacred lake in all Tibet. There you will get fantastic photos. Next you will pass the highest Trola mountain pass(5050m) and then descend to Dege. On the way you can visit Mandra monastery, a small well preserved monastery in a valley beside the road.

Overnight: Guesthouse, Dege

Day 8

Activities: Dege (3200m)

Stay in Dege and explore the town; visit the famous old texts Printing house, you will see the locals traditionally printing texts in printing house without using any modern machine and you will be amazed by it. Visit Genchen monastery, Thangtong Gyalpo's temple and explore the town.

Overnight: Guesthouse, Dege

Day 9

Activities: Dege-Dzongsar (3300m)

Distance: 110 km

Drive time: 3 hrs

Afternoon you will arrive in Menshod valley, where the famous Dzongsar monastery is located and it is a place where the old tradition and culture are well preserved. You can visit Dzongsar Buddhist college, thangka painting class, handicrafts class and Dzongsar Tibetan hospital. You can relax and take a cup of coffee.

Overnight: Guesthouse, Dzongsar

Day 10

Activities: Dzongsar (3300m)

In the morning do a small hike up to the Dzongsar monastery, which is perched on a hill, and visit the monastery and also you can view all of the valley from it. Then you can walk up to Gyalgen village and have your lunch there in a local family. In the afternoon drive to Gargu retreat center and then return to guesthouse and ends the day.

Overnight: Guesthouse, Dzongsar

Day 11

Activities: Dzongsar-Yachen (3998 m)

Distance: 198 km

Drive time: 5 hrs

On the way visit Peyul monastery and have lunch there. Afternoon continuously drive to Yachen monastery(4000m above), which is was founded by Akhyuk Rinpoche in the summer of 1980.

Overnight: Guesthouse , Yachen

Day 12

Activities: Yachen Gar-Ganze (3400m)

Distance: 130 km

Drive time: 4 hrs

You can visit again in the morning and take some more clips and then you will leave to Ganzi. On the way you will see many nomads in highlands and can take a look of their life. You will go through the Gyaltso pass (4800 m) and then by Dzodo pass (4500 m) and arrive in Ganzi.

Overnight: Guesthouse, Ganze

Day 13

Activities: Ganzi-Rongdrak (2000m)

Distance: 320 km

Drive time: 6-7 hrs

Today you will view the majestic Yala mountain on the way if the weather is clear. You will decend to 2000m altitude and will find that Garong people's customs and traditions are very unique. Tronang village is very beautiful and you will see the old  watchtowers.

Overnight: Guesthouse, Tronang village

Day 14

Activities: Rongdrak-Chengdu (500m) 

Distance: 330 km

Drive time: 5-6 hrs

In the morning you can make a quick visit to Suopo village, which is famous of it's different watch towers and then leave Rongdrak. On the way you will see the famous mount four girls in Rilong town and can take pictures from the viewing spot.

Overnight: Holy's hostel

Day 15

Activities: Depart from Chengdu

Today is the departure day and your trip ends. Before taking flight you can visit the old Tibetan shopping centers if your flight is in the evening and have a farewell meal and then send to airport.