Kangding (land of love song), Lhagang (Vast grasslang and nomad area), Tronang village(one of most beautiful village in China), Suopo village(rich of different old watchtowers),  Rilong town( where the famous Mt. four grils located)


Day 1

Activities: Chengdu to Dartsedo (6hrs drive), 325km

After six hours’drive, we will arrive at Dartsedo (Ch Kangding) that stands at the altitude of 2500m. Everything is different here from Chengdu such as landscape, climate, culture and the people. It was formerly the capital of the Chakla Kingdom, one of the five independent Kingdoms of Kham. The town prospered as the center for the tea-trade between Tibetans and Chinese. Dartsedo has always had the air of a frontier town where Chinese and Tibetans intermingle. We will visit the Dograk(jingang) monastery, appreciate traditional building of Buddhism monastery and chat with Tibetan monks wearing marron robes. After dinner, we will watch the indigenous people perform traditional Tibetan circle dance and join in if you like.

Overnight: Guesthouse hotel

Day 2

Activities: Dartsedo-Lhagang (2.5 hrs drive) 

Today we will drive through the Gye La pass (4290m), which is the first pass to enter Tibetan Kham area. Then we descend the mountain to Ragnaka (Ch, Xinduqiao), known as the photographers’ paradise. There we can capture some nice photos and then move to Lhagang. Vast grassland and the Segyargo nunnery are must-goes in the area. If weather allows, we can see the Mt Gongga(7560), highest peak in Tibetan area.

Overnight: family guesthouse, Lhagang

Day 3

Activities: Lhagang to Danba Tonang Village

This morning we will drive up to Bamei and then descend a narrow valley along the river to Rongdrak (2000m). On the way we will spot the majestic Mt. Shagra(Ch Yala) covered with snow for the whole year and will spot many beautiful alpine landscapes. We will drive directly to Tronang village, which is in the list of 25 most beautiful villages in China in 2005. The village is a typical 嘉绒 Tibetan one. In the daytime, sounds of crowing cocks and barking dogs are heard around.

Insects chirp in the grass and birds sign in the forest. At night, a starry sky is quiet and peaceful. With season changing, flora and fauna change accordingly. Fresh air and clear water in the area are strong appeal to city dwellers who have been suffering from air pollution and polluted water. Indigenous Tibetans well preserved their traditional agricultural lifestyle here. Ancient towers, Tibetan wooden and stone style constructions and yards and their culture are also well-kept here.

Overnight:  Guesthouse, Tronang village

Day 4

Activities: Hiking to Suopo village

This morning we hike around two to three hours up the hill of Tronang village and reach Suopo village, which is just on the other side of the hill. Suopo is famous for its unique ancient watchtowers of more than one thousand history. You will enjoy the short hiking and see the different types of old watchtowers.

Overnight: Guesthouse, Tronang village

Day 5

Activities: Danba to Rilong (4-5hrs drive 230km) 

Today you will drive earlier to Rilong town, where the famous four girls snowy mountain is located. You can make a short walk in the Changping valley in the afternoon and from there you will clearly see the four peaks covered in snow are magnificently at the front. Changping valley is beautiful with full of natural resources.

Overnight: family guesthouse, Rilong

Day 6

Activities: Rilong to chengdu (4hrs drive)

This morning you will drive up to the pass of Mt.Balang and then descend down to Wolong, where the panda breeding take place before 2008 earthquake. further you drive the weather becomes warmer and warmer, the blue sky disappears and it signifies you are arriving close to Chengdu. Afternoon you can visit wuhouci Jinli and can visit the shopping streets of Tibetan things.

Overnight: Holy's hostel, Chengdu

Day 7

Activities: Transfer to airport

Today ends the trip and transfer to airport.